project help: week four

it just keeps being awesome.  really, i can’t get over what a delight these mornings are.  like, almost exhilarating.

i left my friend renae’s house today practically skipping down her front porch steps.  there is just something so right about getting to do this kind of work together.  i hope it catches on in all the places, this showing up for each other to do things that make our home happier, cleaner, free-er.  you wouldn’t think it would be an emotional experience, but it is.  just show up one project help thursday morning, and you’ll see.

our morning was spent working to create what was already becoming the delightful bedroom of one little sweet girl.  and before we go any further, let me clarify that when we all show up at a house, we are asking said members of that house to sort of bare all.  there is a good chance we are gonna get right up in your business.  we are gonna see the dust bunnies behind your bed, and possibly know the color of your underwear (or at least what drawer it’s in).  there is a vulnerability in inviting people into your home to work, a likelihood that there will be a moment you will want to apologize or prepare people for what they are about to see.  but who can judge, when we all have things like moldy dried up apples rolled up behind our couch (that was me) or sippy cups of spoiled milk found at the bottom of toy boxes ( me, too).  there is no judgement here.  but there is something quite wonderful exchanged when vulnerability, need, and love in action meet.

(our best shot taken by mr simon.  sadly, his mama didn’t quite make it completely into the photo.  but she was there, smiling.)

if we could more richly delve into each other’s lives, we could be part of healing some of what is broken.  intertwining our lives in a way that would combat and push back against what many of us struggle with:  purpose, isolation, fear of man, insecurity, pride, and believing we are loved just as we are.  it isn’t magic to do this, but it is work.  we have to show up.  we have to ask questions, good ones.  we find out more about our friends, our neighbors, and the people we share life with.  we learn and look for opportunities to take whatever we have been given–our gifts, our experiences, our hurts, our joy, our resources–and we volunteer them to be used.  we pray.

just today, a wise woman and friend of mine (thank you, kathy!) posted some words that were written by a man named frederick buechner.  i actually read the quote just before i was to arrive at our project help location, and the timing and poetic aptness of the words left me thrilled with how i was going to get to spend my morning.

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

oh yes.  that is exactly where i want to go.  i want to be found in that place over and over again.  this morning might not have been the world’s hunger, but it was absolutely a place where gladness and need met.  and it was just so right.

8 thoughts on “project help: week four

  1. Wish I could have been in the thick of it with you. What a wonderful way to love each other. Lillian Newcomer, long gone, would have called it “neighboring.” It is a good way to do life!

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